Our Work

The HGDF is a  non profit organization. Our mission is to provide quality medical care and education to Chabanne, Petit Goave and its surrounding communities.  We promote prevention, community health, and development through education and empowering the people of Petit Goave.

Our model is based on the fundamental principle that health care and education go hand in hand- and when given these basic human rights, individuals and therefore communities have the tools to succeed.  The HGD Foundation promotes an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems at the community level.
Since our existence, we have created thousands of jobs, graduated thousands of students from our primary school-of which all have continued to either middle school/high school and/or vocational school.

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  • Health
  • Primary Education
  • Community Development
  • Agriculture
  • Increasing Access to services
  • Empowering communities
  • Job Creation and Training

1. Health and Prevention: The HGD outpatient clinic focus is to provide quality health care services to its clients.  We provide maternal and child health care, family planning services, vaccinations, emergency care, infectious disease treatment, with a focus on prevention and wellness.

2. Primary Education: Village Lucina is a primary school located on the same site as the medical clinic-through this, all students receive free care from the medical center. Students’ parents are encouraged to receive medical care from our center and benefit from our prevention and community health programs.  Our main goal is to provide each student the best environment for learning-this includes at least one full meal per day.

3. Community Development and Agriculture: Partnering with local farmers and agricultural groups in surrounding communities.  Teaching students about the importance of an agricultural economy and promoting the use of local produce by growing our own on site.

4. Increasing access to services: Through our “health agents” program, we are able to increase access to services to those living in remote rural areas. Petit Goave is surrounded by rural districts, where communities have no access to health care. Our health agents travel to these remote districts and host health fairs, where they provide consultations, medical care, and health workshops. More serious health cases are referred to our main clinic.  The HGD is nearing the completion of a second school located in the remote rural area of Allium. This will be the first school built in the area and we anticipate many newly registered students from the surrounding areas.

5. Job creation and empowering communities: The HGD Foundation has created thousands of jobs from its medical center and two schools and we hope to continue to provide job growth and job opportunities for the people of Petit Goave. Creating new jobs allows the community to empower itself-Parents are able to pay for their child’s education, children stay in school longer (especially girls), thereby decreasing the poverty level in the region.