Help Support Petit-Goave Relief Efforts!

January 12, 2010 Earthquake hits Haiti:

On January 12, 2010 an earthquake hit Haiti affecting millions of people and devastating many cities. Petit Goave is one of the town’s hardest hit by the earthquake, being that it was located only 40 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake.


Petit Goave, a coastal town located 70 kilometers from Port-au-Prince and founded in 1663 has approximately 60,000 inhabitants. The town has 23 communal townships as well as suburbs, one of which is “Chabanne”, the site of the Health Center and Ecole Village Lucina.

A crossroads through which the majority of inhabitants of the 12 townships pass, this zone is bordered on the east by the bay of Petit Goave, on the west by the national highway, on the north by “Petit Guinee” and on the south by the rural townships of “first plain” and “second plain”.

History of Medical Center and Ecole Village Lucina (E.V.L.)

Medical Center Henri Gerard Desgranges was born in the aftermath of the untimely death of the surgeon, Doctor Henri Gerard Desgranges in 1993; an authentic son of Petit Goave he was a remarkable man and his medical career was successful beyond what anyone could have predicted. He was a doctor without borders, and traveled the world improving health institutions throughout Africa.  He lived by principles that are often termed “old fashioned”, and he gave generously of his wealth.  Throughout his life he maintained a direct interest in people and institutions conceived to improve the life of others. There was a rich complexity to him that impressed everyone who knew him. By his generosity and his respect for others, he transcended factions to better discover human values.  His dream was to create a free clinic in his hometown of Petit-Goave.

Ecole Village Lucina (EVL) was founded in 1998, and is located in Chabanne, a district of Petit Goave.  It is an affiliation of the health center and is located on the same grounds as the clinic. Since it’s opening E.V.L. has provided free education, and now runs up to the 6th grade. We prepare students for the national exam so that they may continue on to junior high school and higher levels of education. We currently provide uniforms, school supplies, meals as well as free immunizations and health care through our partnered health clinic.

Chabanne and its vicinity comprise one of the most impoverished regions with respect to education, virtually nonexistent health services, insignificant purchasing power, high rate of infantile services, and increased incidence of endemic diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, parasitic infections, chronic malnutrition and gastroenteritis.

Medical Center Henri Gerard Desgranges and Ecole Village Lucina

Route Nationale #2, Chabanne, Petit-Goave




In United States: Dr. Tania Desgrottes, Administrative Director 631-487-2474

or Dr. Nitin Puri, Medical Director  (

In Haiti: Mr.Hugues Desgranges, Program Director,  509-3-446-0900

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