Interfaith Medical Center

Dr. Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation,Inc. Press Release

Prepared by: Dr. Tania Desgrottes

The Dr. Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation, Inc. has recently collaborated with Interfaith Medical Center to provide medical care, psychological care, and assistance to the people of Petit Goave, Haiti.  On March 3rd, 2010 a team of medical professionals, psychologists, and educators led by Dr. Schilller Desgrottes, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation arrived in Petit Goave.  

The Interfaith Medical Team worked in collaboration with the medical staff of the Dr. HGD Medical Center. The two teams quickly began working together and seeing patients. The medical teams worked tirelessly seeing on average 200 patients per day. The Interfaith medical team comprised of surgeons, pediatricians, psychologists and nurses; Dr. Thav Thambi from Ohio, is a transplant surgeon, who was able to conduct surgical procedures via the Dr. HGD Foundation at Notre Dame Hospital.  Ms. Raygine DiAquoi, a Phd candidate from Harvard University, studying culture , communities and education was on hand to work with the children in Petit Goave devastated by the earth quake.

The Dr. Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation has been giving service to the people of Petit Goave since 1995, in the aftermath of the earthquake, the Health Center has collaborated with Doctors Without Borders, Interfaith Medical Center and more recently Doctors of the World. I would like to thank those who made the collaboration with Interfaith Medical Center possible:

  • Ms. Marie Jose Montrose,  Administrative Director, Community & Government Affairs, Interfaith Medical Center
  •  Ms. Ebone McIntosh, Chief Operating Officer of Interfaith Medical Center
  • Dr. Schiller Desgrottes, Attending Physician at Interfaith Medical Center and Secretary/Treasurer of Dr. HGD Foundation
  •  Pierre Andre Duvert, Phd. Board member of Dr. HGD Foundation

Physicians:           Dr.Schiller Desgrottes, Dr. Gaddam Reddy,  Dr.Thav Thambi

Nursing:             Mr. Henri Desrosiers, Mr. Ari Moma, Mr. Frantz Descorbeth, Mr. Fritz MontalmantMs.Claire Hamel, Ms. Waveny Joseph

Mental Health:    Lisa Nichols

Logistics:              Ms. Ebone McIntoshMs.Marie-Jose Montrose, Ms.Therese DabasMr.Ivan Nichols, Mr. Antonio Pierre, Ms. Marie C. St Pierre

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