The Dr. HGD Center Hard at Work!

The Dr. HGD Center has been working very hard, giving excellent care to the people of Petit Goave.  In the last several weeks, the HGD Center has worked with Dr. John Bentwood, a surgeon from New Hampshire.  Dr. John spent 2 weeks at the center seeing patients and also set up a small procedure unit at the Center.

Dr. John discussing a patient case with Dr. Ben

More recently, The HGD Center has collaborated with The Floating Doctors, an NGO based in California. The Floating Doctors arrived almost 2 weeks ago bringing with them on shore supplies donated by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Courtney of  the Courtney Group, a contracting company based in upstate New York; as well as supplies donated by Ms. Janet Larsen of New Hampshire and The Interfaith Medical Center of New York.   In the last two weeks with the collaboration of the “Floating Doctors”, the new construction of the Ecole Village Lucina has already began, patients have been seen by Dr. Ben LaBrot both at the clinic and in the outskirts of Petit Goave during Mobile Clinic;the students have also been seen by Rachel, a dental hygienist.

Two classes resumed at Ecole Village Lucina

Loading the UN truck with supplies which the floating doctors transported on their boat

Rachel, the dental hygienist treating one of the students.

Drs. Tania and Ben treating a patient during mobile clinic.

Building of the School

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