Happy New Year 2011 to all of our supporters and volunteers!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters for their commitment to the HGD Foundation and Ecole Village Lucina ! We would like to first thank both The Canaan Ridge School  of Connecticut and the C.O.O.L School of Malibu California, for their tremendous contribution and efforts in supporting EVL. With their help, students have received school uniforms and school supplies for the 2010 scholastic year and also summer of  2011!

We would also like to thank International Medical Health Organization for supporting our efforts in shipping an Ambulance for HGD Medical Center-with their support, we have been able to provide the people of Petit Goave with medical emergency care and transport.

HGD thanks Peter Schweitzer and Robert Reifel  of Plenty.org for their generous contribution in supporting the purchase and shipping of the ambulance to Haiti, which has been able to provide the people of Petit Goave the emergency care they need.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Ms. Dorothy Katona of California for her kind donation of vitamins and nutritional supplements to the HGD Medical Center!

HGD Medical Center has partnered with:

Medicos del Mundo or Medecins du Monde Spain to provide a Cholera Treatment Center (CTC), which is the only CTC in Petit Goave, providing 24 hour care for cholera victims.

Samaritan Purse, has been providing prenatal classes for 30 women, 4 days a week- focusing on nutrition and health.

PROFAMIL has partnered with HGDF, to provide training of HGD staff and supplies for family planning, including contraception and family planning counseling.

Japan Platform and ICA Japan has started construction of a new permanent school, which is currently being constructed. Japanese architects who specialize in designing anti seismic structures, visited Haiti to oversee the designing and plan. With their input and approval, the school is scheduled to be finished February 2011!

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