UCLA 2012 Team

This year a team of 10 volunteers led by Dr. David Cutler  of UCLA Department of Family Medicine, joined the HGD Foundation for one week to provide services in both medical care and at Ecole Village Lucina. The medical team split into two groups- one team saw over 100 patients daily at the clinic, while the second team conducted mobile clinics in far to reach villages and saw an overwhelming number of patients which were all screened for high blood pressure and diabetes.  The education team taught the students of Ecole Village Lucina English, read story books, and created arts and crafts projects!  The HGD Foundation would like to thank the UCLA team for their continued dedication and support to our work!

Below is Dr. David Cutler’s first blog entry, which I would like to share with our supporters!

What a day!!
We were all  ready to leave our house at 7:45 am today. Our driver was delayed so we all piled into HGD Foundation Executive Director Hugue Desgranges’ pick-up truck for the 4 km drive to the clinic. Upon arrival we realized that most of the clinic staff and patients were unaware of the weekend transition to Daylight Saving Time. This was understandable since it was the first time in 10 years Haiti had made the change.
But as the morning wore on, and everyone got up to speed, we were soon overwhelmed by over 200 patients having signed in to be seen. And by 6 pm when we left the clinic they had all been seen.
Perhaps the most sobering encounter was the 4 week old twins, born at home, whose first medical visit found the first-born a robust 7 lbs 8 oz. The second-born was a pale, frail 4-pounder gasping for every breath. He was immediately transferred to the local hospital.
But there were many bright moments, like when we were re-united with the young boy we had met two years ago suffering from severe rickets and malnutrition. As you can see in the picture, he looks great now!
Tonight the team is exhausted. And while last night we were out in the town streets participating in the Ra-Ra celebration, everyone retired early tonight to prepare for another gruelling day tomorrow.
We gave away many of the supplies we brought, and also set up a voucher system for patients to utilize the local pharmacy whom we would reimburse with funds provided by our donors to the HGD Foundation. Every little bit helps.


Thanks again for your support

David M. Cutler, MD

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