The Motorcycle Diaries

The HGD Foundation Clinic is committed to improving access to medical care for those living in the hard to reach rural communities surrounding Petit Goave. Since its opening the clinic has been working with local community leaders and has provided them training to become health agents. Our first initiative in the mobile health services in 1998, was by using a Mobile Clinic Winnebago which was donated to the clinic. Though the Winnebago Mobile Clinic was used, it could not take on the treacherous mountainous roads. Health Agents would walk 2 hours each way, to reach these communities to provide health education, vaccinations, and basic medical care. With the onset of Cholera in Haiti, it is even more important and crucial to continue this initiative of our health agents.

In more recent years, our health agents have been able to reach these far communities by motorcycle. There are no clear well defined roads, and they can be dangerous at times when it rains. During the week of UCLA’s visit; we screened all patients for diabetes in the clinic and in 3 remote areas. Our mobile health team took motorcycles to remote areas called Allium and Volant. During the 3 remote clinic visits we screened more than 400 people, treated all children for intestinal parasites and provided basic medical care. We even got to meet a 110 year old woman in excellent health! We will all treasure the memories and experience we made during that week! To help support the health agent initiative please contact us!

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We would like to thank Hugues Desgranges, the Executive Director for orchestrating the weekly events as well as HGD’s health agent Alfred Sanon, who worked with the community to prepare for our visits. We’d also like to thank our volunteers Joe and Lauren for conducting the diabetes screening and our photographer Tina who captured all the amazing moments.

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