Petit Goave

Petit Goave (Tigwav in Haitian Creole) was founded in the 17th century, more specifically in 1655.  Once the capital of Haiti, Petit Goave has a rich historical past. It is a coastal town located 70 kilometers southwest, from the now capital city of Port au Prince. Petit Goave resides inside a captivating bay of the Caribbean Sea.  This key geographic location is why PG was once a bustling town with a busy port! PG is also surrounded by mountains, known as 12 distinct districts, which we service.

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Some notable petit goaviens include:

1. Faustin Soulouque: Born Faustin Elie Soulouque in 1782, he was a career officer and general in the Haitian Army when he was elected President of Haiti in 1847. He was later proclaimed emperor of Haiti in 1849. He is known for  nominating black skinned loyalists to government positions, and for replicating a coronation which rivaled that of Napoleon Bonaparte himself!

2. Dany Laferriere: Haitian-Canadian Write

3. Wilson Bigaud: Artist/Painter